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Help For Kids! Understanding Your Feelings About Having A Parents In Prison Or Jail For Kids Ages Six And Older – Carol Gesme With Consultation From Michelle Kopfmann



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[pt. 1]. Introduction --_x000D_
A letter to me --_x000D_
A letter to adults --_x000D_
Me --_x000D_
My family --_x000D_
My parent in prison or jail --_x000D_
Life today --_x000D_
Where I live now --_x000D_
[pt. 2]. Information about prison or jail --_x000D_
Rules --_x000D_
Who goes to prison or jail : why? --_x000D_
What's in a prison or jail --_x000D_
Life line --_x000D_
Questions : others and your own --_x000D_
Talking with others --_x000D_
Watching television --_x000D_
[pt. 3]. Feelings about having a parent in prison or jail --_x000D_
Feeling your feelings --_x000D_
Today I feel --_x000D_
Mixed-up feelings --_x000D_
Feelings about people in my life --_x000D_
What I can do with my feelings --_x000D_
Sad me --_x000D_
Happy me --_x000D_
angry me --_x000D_
Scared me --_x000D_
Ashamed me --_x000D_
More things to do with my feelings --_x000D_
[pt. 4]. Taking care of yourself --_x000D_
Taking care of yourself --_x000D_
[pt. 5]. Activities and games --_x000D_
Wish for the future --_x000D_
Activities --_x000D_
Help with words --_x000D_
Word pages --_x000D_
People permission messages --_x000D_
People permission feel-o --_x000D_
Song : you can feel all your feelings --_x000D_
Staying in touch --_x000D_
[pt. 6]. Resources._x000D_
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Children, Parents & Caregivers, Preschool & Early elementary Age, Professionals, School Mental Health Professionals

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