Herman jiggle Say Hello: A Story about How to Talk to Others when your Words get Stuck!- Julia cook

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How will Herman Jiggle make a good first impression or make any friends if he’s too nervous to even say hello? Whenever he introduces himself, he gets tongue-tied and his tummy flips and then it flops. And then his words get tied in knots! Poor Hermie is a mumbling mess! Fortunately, Mom knows a trick or two that will help her son relax and untangle his words to help curb his social anxiety. Now, Herman just needs to be brave enough to try._x000D_
This is the debut title in the new Socially Skilled Kids picture book series by award-winning author, educator, and parenting expert Julia Cook. Written for students in grades K through 5, the series features humorous story-lines, relatable characters, and empowering messages about growing socially and emotionally._x000D_
Social anxiety is the fear of talking to, interacting with, and making friends with others and the anxiousness can make it difficult or impossible to take risks and develop a growth mindset for young children. Helping your child or student overcome social anxiety can be a challenge – included at the end of the story are useful tips and tools for parents and educators to encourage children to overcome this fear._x000D_


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