Jumping into Kindergarten – Julia Cook

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Starting kindergarten represents a major milestone in the lives of young children (and their parents!). Its an important step into the unknown that, while exciting, can also be the cause of nervous anticipation for everyone. The good news–it doesn’t have to be scary! In this fun, creative story from bestselling authors Julia Cook and Laura A. Jana, parents and educators can more clearly understand the important connection that exists between everyday behaviors and the foundational development of valuable, 21st century life-skills during early childhood. Follow Roo as he figures out how to use and apply his amazing “QI” (pronounced key) skills: ME, WE, WHY, WILL, WIGGLE, WOBBLE, and WHAT IF. I love to move around and explore, so my favorite skill is WIGGLE. I can jump into things, and reach for the stars. And bend and stretch and jiggle! With his backpack of “super cool” skills and a head full of questions, Roo is excited to jump into kindergarten, and your children will be too!

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