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La Abuela Bibi

(Spanish Edition)


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Grandma Bibi now lives in at the Bunny Memory Care Center. Mother Rabbit prepares young bunny Jackie for their visit. Questions arise, answers follow and a plan takes shape.

This picture book is intended for children 5 and above. Grandma Bibi is about shared memories and love. It tackles memory loss as a family issue and opens a dialogue for families to discuss what is happening to grandma or grandpa. This book is based on the author's experience with her own Mother's memory loss.

"What do I say when grandma doesn't remember me?" asked Jackie. "If grandma does not remember me, why should I go and visit her?" These are all important questions that need to be addressed. The book asks questions and then provides an example of how Jackie might relate to her grandmother's memory loss. Each one of us needs love and understanding no matter where our memory has gone. The story is an emotional journey for Jackie and the reader who has experienced this issue first hand.


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