Let My Colors Out

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This book helps children cope with range of emotions following a parents cancer diagnosis.
Unfortunately, many young children today are dealing with their parents diagnoses and battles with life threatening illnesses. This comforting book walks young children of cancer patients through the range of emotions they’re likely to encounter and provides a message of hope.
A young boy uses color to express a range of emotions as his mother undergoes cancer treatment. Some days he’s sad, some days he’s happy, and other days he’s scared or angry. The boy comes to realize that these ups and downs are perfectly normal for his situation, and he does not have to feel guilty about his feelings.

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This fully illustrated board book (concluding with clever pop-up balloons) can be a useful tool for parents, teachers, and counselors who deal with children ages 4-8. It will help children realize that they are not alone and that other people have felt the same things they are feeling. This book can open up channels of communication between parents and their children, giving children not only understanding, but also assurance that they can share their feelings.

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