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Let’s Share!

Emotional Growth Card Game for the Whole Family

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As parents, we all want to have our children share their day with us, express their emotions freely, and build open and bonding communication – “Let’s Share!” helps many families achieve this goal. Learn more video. Watch how to play.

As a practitioner working with children (mainly sensory processing and emotional regulation), I realized that many families lack tools to help them build open communication as a family. As a result, many parents complain then when asked about their day, kids would reply "ok". These parents wanted to get to a point where the kids would share details, and come to them for advise. for me it was "challenge accepted!", and so I created my first game towards family bonding - "Let's Share!". This is a card game that through mimicking, creates a fun environment to bring up our emotions and talk about what is going on in our lives while bonding with our family members.

This is a great tool for practitioners working with children, and as many parents lack the confidence of how to engage their kids, it’s best when practitioners provide guidance and give it as empowering “homework”

There are also 3 fillable cards – this is a way to engage kids in bringing up situations from their daily life, and turn them into new DIY playing cards while setting their ego aside and focusing on the creation. You could also purchase more fillable cards or purchase the downloadable version and print and create a new deck with each child.

It's great to introduce this game to kids as young as 4 years old. Teenagers will sometimes play this while engaging with their younger siblings. Some pediatric therapists reported they were able to engage older kids in playing this game when they were adding humor and goofiness.


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