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Letting Go Of Stress: Four Effective Techniques For Relaxation And Stress Reduction And Cd – Emmett Miller And Steven Halpern


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Letting Go of Stress Provides you with Four easy yet powerful methods to effortlessly and effectively manage the stresses in your life, anytime in your life, anytime you need.

Muscle Tension Relaxation focuses on recognizing and eliminating muscle tension, a common symptom of stress. This experience can be used to relieve various forms of tension – tension headache, gastrointestinal symptoms, low-back tension, and vascular symptoms such as hypertension.
Autogenic Stress Relief combines two time-tested methods of psychophysiological self-regulation: deep breathing (yogic breathing) and autogenic training.
A Trip to the Beach introduces mental imagery, using the “relaxation response” technique combined with image visualization. A real favorite.
Mental and Physical Relaxation incorporates positive image projection and a special technique for mental quieting to help you be free to concentrate your attention and energy on the goals of your choice.

As you listen, you’ll notice positive changes almost immediately.  You’ll enjoy using these programs over and over, and appreciate how this CD helps you calm your mind, relax your body, and let go of unwanted stress.

Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. Learn to use progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, creative visualization and everyone’s favorite—"A Trip to the Beach." Dr. Miller’s relaxing voice, at its best here, is enhanced by a beautiful, especially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this one!
Relief of mild to severe stress, generalized tension and anxiety; tension/spasm syndromes such as hypertension, gastritis , colitis, headaches, and asthma.
Good for relaxation. Presents a graduated set of experiences for imagery training. Widely used in stress management and wellness training programs.
Track Information:
Track 1: Muscle Tension Relaxation
Track 2: Autogenic Stress Relief
Track 3: A Trip to the Beach
Track 4: Mental and Physical Relaxation
Recommended Use:
Begin with Part A Track 1, and use it one to three times daily for one or two weeks. Then use Part B Track 2 for the next one to two weeks, then Part C Track 3 for one to two weeks and Part D Track 4 for one to two weeks.
While working with each part, set aside a few minutes to practice inducing relaxation without using the program by choosing the exercises that work best for you. Continue to use the tape and practice without it as needed for deep relaxation and for ongoing stress management.


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