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Like Ability

The Truth About Popularity


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This book is NOT about knocking down those who are popular, or an attempt to convince teens that popularity is a bad thing. In fact, research points to the exact opposite: likeability is important!. It is not elusive or granted only to a select few. Anyone can become their own kind of popular with a little bit of insight and a whole lot of reflection. The goal: encourage and promote self-awareness and help readers develop their own individual recipe for the right kind of popular.

In four sections, with lively chapters and insightful activities, teens will explore popularity, likeability, status, power, self-esteem, relationships, influencers, and much more. The expert authors reach readers with a voice that rings true, by using science and stories to explain concepts, and connecting teens to real-world examples and even celebrities.

This is a must-have volume for all teens who want to demystify what popularity really is.


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