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Managing Moods Workbook



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People experience many different problems related to mood. The assessments and activities in this workbook are designed to provide facilitators with a wide variety of tools to use in helping people manage their moods. Many choices for self-exploration are provided for facilitators to determine which tools best suit the unique needs of their participants.
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The purpose of this workbook is to provide a user-friendly guide to short-term assessments and activities designed to help people conquer feelings of moodiness and experience a greater sense of well being. In addition, this workbook is designed to help provide facilitators and participants with tools and information needed to overcome the stigma attached to mood conditions. In order to help their participants successfully deal with moodiness, it is extremely helpful for facilitators to have a variety of appealing, user-friendly assessments and activities to help their participants “open-up” and begin to feel as if their mood is less intense and more balanced, and that they are not alone. The Managing Moods Workbook provides assessments and self-guided activities to help participants reduce the intensity of moodiness and begin living more effectively.
Chapter 1: How Moody Are You?
This chapter helps participants identify the depth of their moodiness and identify ways to decrease the intensity of this moodiness.
Chapter 2: Effects of Moodiness
This chapter helps participants identify the ways that moodiness is affecting their health, relationships, work and social activities.
Chapter 3: Triggers of Moodiness
This chapter helps participants identify the ways that they experience moodiness in their lives through feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
Chapter 4: Roller Coaster Moods
This chapter helps participants identify the effects of mood instabilities in their lives.
Chapter 5: Erasing the Stigma of Moodiness
This chapter helps participants explore the stigma of moodiness in their lives and the impact that the stigma has on them

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