Me Magnet and 2 Magnetic Dry Erase Board (2-sided) Combo Pack!

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Your Me Magnet and 2 Pk. Magnetic Dry Erase Board Combo pack is great for in the office, for teletherapy or on the go.  Perfect for table top use or prop up with book stand.  An awesome tool to facilitate nonverbal expression!

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Me Magnets help individuals, couples, and families identify, explore, and express core values and various parts of identity. Make yourself with Me Magnets! Use the colorful magnets to explore what makes you, YOU! Choose from five categories: positive personality traits, negative personality traits, relationship roles, self- labels, and core values. Includes instructions, container tin, and over 200 magnets! By Beth Richey, LCSW, RPT-S
Now paired with 2 (1 is a great starting board, the second is great for the client’s processing):
12″W x 9″H magnetic dry-erase board with 2 sides:
1 side= 7/8″ picture-story ruling with dotted midline and red baseline, with skip-a-line space below.
1 side= plain


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