Mindfulness Skills for Kids & Teens

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Best-selling mindfulness author Debra Burdick has blended the latest research and best practices to create this straight-forward guide for improving self-awareness, self-regulation skills, mental health, and social connectedness in kids and teens. This expertly crafted resource features a collection of more than 150 proven tools and techniques, presented in a simple, step-by-step skill building format. Perfect for mental health practitioners, teachers and all in the helping professions.

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• Tools for explaining mindfulness and neurobiology in kids language
• Activities, games, and meditations that build basic through advanced mindfulness skills
• Step-by-step instruction on teaching and practicing mindfulness, meditation and reflection
• Guidance on choosing age appropriate skills
• How to apply mindfulness skills to specific childhood mental health disorders
• Journal prompts to help integrate learning
• Goal-setting charts for tracking progress
• Downloadable worksheets, exercises and reflections

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