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Consisting of about fifteen different species, the mockingbird is  type of passerine bird best known for their ability to mimic sounds and other animals. Mockingbird most commonly imitate other birds, but have been known to mimic insects, amphibians, and even humans.


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  • Scientific Name: Family Mimidae
  • Characteristics: Individually hand painted and crafted by specialists, all Safari figurines capture the true-to-life details unique to each animal. With a penchant for perfectly imitating different sounds, there’s nowhere you can display this mockingbird where it won’t steal the spotlight!
  • Size and Color: Depending on the type of species, mockingbirds can be many different colors, although they are primarily gray or brown with patches of black and white. Standing 1.5 inches tall, and 2.75 inches long, this model is about the size of a credit card stood on its side.




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