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Therapeutic Stories to Heal and Empower

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This newly published book, Therapeutic Stories to Heal and Empower (2019), utilizes the same basic format and approach as Dr. Davis’ earlier books -- Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children (1988) and Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal (1996). The stories in each of these books use metaphor and symbols to speak to the intuitive and wise side of the listener, traditionally believed to be the unconscious. The book begins with sections addressing understanding, using and creating therapeutic stories, followed by 100 therapeutic stories. About half of these stories are edited and improved versions of stories from the author’s original book, Therapeutic Stories to Heal Abused Children-Revised -- published in 1988, the other half are entirely new stories which are different than those in Therapeutic Stories that Teach and Heal (1996). Stories have many themes, among these are messages created to increase the listener’s sense of personal power, self-acceptance and capacity to love and be loved. Some stories also challenge the listener to acknowledge and connect with their strengths and resources, to find a positive purpose for their life and perceive both themselves and their world in a clear and undistorted way, to establish healthy social relationships and/or to “let go” and heal wounds and shame caused by abuse and/or traumas in their past. Stories range from those appropriate for young children to those designed for adolescents and adults. This book and its stories are designed primarily for use by those working in the counseling/helping professions, such as therapists, chaplains, counselors and nurses. However, they have also been used extensively, and with great success, by teachers, parents, as well as by individuals seeking to heal themselves. Soft cover, 660 pages, published in 2019


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