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Sexual abuse of children is a very real danger in every community from big cities to rural towns. But the good news is that parents have the power to make their children’s world safer. That’s the message of Off Limits, a must-read for every parent who wishes to keep his or her child abuse-free.

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Off Limits provides essential Safety Tips, including ways to help kids interact safely with authority figures, and understand appropriate boundaries and privacy. Parents will learn how to listen actively to children, and communicate important concepts—the difference between affection and sexual touching, “I’m the Boss of My Body” and body-safety rules. The book also provides tips on screening caregivers, and about online safety.
Written by leading experts on sexual abuse prevention, Off Limits is full of practical advice and information for parents, guardians, teachers–anyone responsible for the safety and welfare of children. Best of all, it is easy to read, understand and implement the practical advice that fills each page.


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