On The Fly: Mindfulness (Printable PDF book)- Tim Wheeler

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Sometimes we know exactly where we are going, but sometimes the rules get changed on us. Join Odie and Donata as their flight path takes an unexpected turn toward the value of mindfulness. This printable PDF version comes with a downloadable cartoon and story card with activities!

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Download this fantastic, PDF- printable version on your favorite device!  Print, project and share at home, in the classroom or in any setting to support socio-emotional learning in a variety of important areas with Cartoonversations by Tim Wheeler.  Each book also comes with a FREE cartoon to reinforce the information in a fun way!

On The Fly

​Sometimes we know exactly where we are going and what we are doing, but sometimes the rules get changed on us. Maybe we are able to see the changes coming and we know what to do to get back on course. Other times, we have to rely on our friends and on ourselves to make those adjustments – on the fly.

Join these two dragonflies as their flight path takes an unexpected turn when contaminated fuel enters the picture. You will learn a little about how to take care of your friends, and yourself.

Use the Cartoonversation Card to get those voices going, and be sure to speak your mind and your heart.

This interactive read-aloud book includes the lesson-ready Cartoonversation Card as well as the free cartoon.

Also available in EPUB version

Cartoonversations/ Rocketoons


Children, Parents & Caregivers, Professionals, School Mental Health Professionals


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