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Peace Work is the ground-breaking mindfulness curriculum designed by Wynne and Midge Kinder that fortifies and enhances self-regulation in young children. Now evolved into a popular and easy-to-follow program of six sequenced lessons for teachers and parents, Peace Work offers children the opportunity to create, recognize, experience, and reinforce the calming presence of peace within themselves to better manage their thoughts and emotions. With the helpful lessons of Peace Work, young children can learn to positively influence their impulses and behaviors and build the skills that lead to a peaceful, productive, and happy life.

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Table of Contents:
Section One — Goals, Objectives, and Overview
Section Two — Preparation for Teaching
Lesson 1: What is Peace
Lesson 2: No Peace?
Lesson 3: A Peace Place
Lesson 4: A Sense of Peace
Lesson 5: Peace Inside
Lesson 6: Share Peace
Variations of the program based on age, location, & special needs

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