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Physical Well Being Workbook



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Physical wellness is critical in overall well-being. People who are physically well tend to be physically active and exercise regularly, eat a well-balanced diet, maintain a healthy body weight, get enough sleep, practice safe sex, minimize exposure to unhealthy environmental contaminants, avoid harmful substances, and seek medical attention and advice regularly. Your clients will discover many benefits from making healthy physical lifestyle choices.
We all have many reasons to make healthy lifestyle choices and live a healthier life. The biggest challenge is to find ways to take control of personal health choices and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Use the Physical Well-Being Workbook to help your clients make lasting healthy choices and keep them motivated while they modify their behavior. In this workbook, you will engage your clients in various types of self-assessments, help them set healthy lifestyle goals, and focus on living a healthier life.
The seven sections include:
Section 1 – Exercise
This chapter will help participants explore how regularly and consistently they engage in exercise and adequate amounts of physical activity in their lives.
Section 2 – Sleep
This chapter will help participants explore the extent to which they are getting both adequate and quality sleep in order to cope with stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Section 3 – Stress
This chapter will help participants determine the various ways that they are able to manage stress in their lives in order to promote physical wellness.
Section 4 – Body Image
This chapter will help participants explore how they feel about their weight and body image overall.
Section 5 – Nutrition
This chapter will help participants explore how well they plan their meals to include nutritional choices and how often they eat nutritiously.
Section 6 – Addiction
This chapter will help participants explore both their propensity to engage in addictive behaviors as well as identify their addictions to substances, activities, and thoughts and behaviors in their lives.
Section 7 – Safety
This chapter helps participants explore their personal level of safety at home, while driving a vehicle, and in their communities.

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