Planting the Seeds… Affirmations to Overcome Anxiety for Kids – Jill Sylvester


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Created by Jill Sylvester, a licensed mental health therapist, Planting the Seeds cards are designed to encourage meaningful conversations between kids and their caregivers.

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This set of 32 creatively-illustrated cards is for parents and teachers of kids aged 8-12, 3rd through 7th grade (and adults too!) They are designed to be used as a daily activity to develop a child’s emotional awareness, to affirm their strengths and to ultimately overcome negative anxious feelings. Choose cards for positive affirmations to start the day or intentionally to create conversation around specific challenges your student or child may be facing.

Available to purchase as a beautifully-constructed set of colorful boxed cards, perfect for those who want to hold the cards in their hands, or as a digital download viewable in full color on any computer or device that supports color viewing.


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