Plunktika with Totika Ice Breaker Card Deck

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* Includes the Plunktika Tower, 40 sticks, 15 marbles, 48 Ice Breaker cards, instruction card

* Ages 145 Months and up

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Plunktika is our newest game, so much fun to play and has a PATENT PENDING!  Players take turns removing colored sticks from the Plunktika Tower and asking other players the same color question from the Ice Breaker card deck.  But, if any marbles plunk out the bottom of the Tower, player must take the marbles and answer the question.  After all marbles have plunked out, the player with the least number of marbles wins that round.  Play with or without the question cards.  Play with any other Totika card deck.  Use the Totika Cube to determine the next color stick to pull.  Or, use the sticks to play a quick game of pick-up sticks with question cards.  All card decks come with over 150 questions, prompts, scenarios or sentence completions.

Comes with the Ice Breaker Deck:

The Icebreaker Card Deck Includes 150 Openended Warmup Questions That Lead To Funny And Thoughtful Conversations About Perspectives And Experiences A Fun And Engaging Way To Start Conversations With Any Group In Any Setting

Examples Include:
Name The Best Tv Show, Video Game, Website
If You Fell Asleep For 100 Years Then Woke Up
What Would You Do First, How Come?
Where Do You Like To Go With Your Family, How Come? What Do You Really Want To Do Again That Youve Done Before, How Come?


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