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Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders (Complete Kit)



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Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition was revised and written to assist educators and parents in providing intervention strategies to promote these students’ ability to learn and to function in social situations.  The book builds on the feedback that we have collectively received about our prior books in this series.  We have learned that teachers find it very useful to have a repertoire of appropriate intervention strategies to use.

Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition is intended for use with students with autism spectrum disorders in preschool through Grade 12.  It includes two primary components: 1) Evaluation Form with a Rating Scale and Ideas Matrix and 2) Practical Ideas Manual.
The Rating Scale portion of the evaluation form is a criterion-referenced measure for evaluating behaviors that impact student learning and social interactions.  The Manual includes an “Ideas Matrix” of 40 ideas, many with reproducible matters, and all grounded in research and the collective experience of the many educators who advised us and shared information with us.  Each idea is provided with specific supporting references.

Idea 1:  Show You Know
Idea 2:  Nice Looking
Idea 3:  Show Me
Idea 4:  Learn to Imitate, Imitate to Learn
Idea 5:  Your Turn to Imitate
Idea 6:  Your Turn, My Turn
Idea 7:  Follow the Music
Idea 8:  Games, Games, and More Games
Idea 9:  Look in the Mirror
Idea 10:  Schedule Sensory Time
Idea 11:  Bring Out the Noise
Idea 12:  When/Do Books
Idea 13:  Puppet Play
Idea 14:  Get Predictable
Idea 15:  Yes or No
Idea 16:  Cueing Pronouns
Idea 17:  Touch, Show, Find, or Say
Idea 18:  Wh- Game
Idea 19:  Talk Prompters
Idea 20:  Conversation Cards
Idea 21:  Problem Solve with I Think, You Think
Idea 22:  The Daily Scoop
Idea 23:  Choice Cards
Idea 24:  Now-Next Picture Map
Idea 25:  Schedule Changes
Idea 26:  Learn to Wait
Idea 27:  Teaching Independence
Idea 28:  Do More to Learn More
Idea 29:  On Your Own
Idea 30:  Five Ways to Finish
Idea 31:  Reduce Prompts
Idea 32:  Door Signs
Idea 33:  Four-Step Behavior Plan
Idea 34:  Social Skills in Pictures
Idea 35:  Use Video Modeling
Idea 36:  Card Counters
Idea 37:  Positive Reinforcement
Idea 38:  What to Teach Next
Idea 39:  Direct-Teach Social Skills
Idea 40:  Skills Checklist

Five easy steps are also included for guidance:

Collect Student Information
Rate the Behaviors of the Student
Choose the Ideas to Implement
Read and Review the Practical Ideas that Have Been Selected
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