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Raising Kids Who Care About Others


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This is a clear, timely, helpful and encouraging book, and the message is needed by all parents and caregivers.

"I recommend this excellent book.  Betty Lou has an unusual talent of putting Adlerian ideas and guidelines into a special kind of literature.  Her book is both interesting and useful.  People who work with parents and teachers will profit most.."

—Zivit Abramson, Ph.D., Psychologist, Author, Supervisor, School of Adlerian Psychotherapy, Adler Institute, Israel.

"I am very impressed with this delightful book. It is clear, timely, helpful and encouraging with a message needed by everyone who works with children. "

—George W. Linden Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL.

"With simple, clear prose, the core concept of social interest is illustrated in multiple ways. Bettner also clearly gives strategies to encourage and develop it in children. This is a wonderful little book that parents and caregivers can absorb and put into action. Thank you, Betty Lou"

—Marjie Longshore, M.Ed., Executive Director, Family Leadership Center, Yarmouth ME


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