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Santiago’s Sadness (Paperback)

Making room for all emotions


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Santiago didn't feel like smiling. He didn't feel like playing.

Ever since his family moved, Santiago didn't feel like doing much.

"Moving isn't a big deal," he told himself, but after meeting Lucia at his new school, Santiago begins to understand that it's okay to feel sad.

Slowly, Santiago begins to unpack his sadness and learns that the dark clouds will be followed by sunshine again.


Santiago's Sadness helps kids understand that ignoring sadness or judging themselves for feeling it, doesn't make it go away. Instead, they can learn to make room for sadness by paying attention to it and getting the support they need. It reinforces the message that it's okay to be sad and that making room for all our feelings is a way of being kind to ourselves.

Santiago's Sadness is part of the Growing Hearts & Minds picture book series. It's a perfect addition to your home or school social-emotional library!

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