Self-Regulation and Active Problem Solving: Activities to Teach Kids hot to Generalize Learned Skills to Real-Life Situations; Briana Makofske

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Overcome Stressful Moments, Gain Confidence & Generalize SkillsInside you’ll find uniquely designed activities that challenge children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and other neurodevelopmental disorders to apply learned skills in unpredictable situations that reflect real-life scenarios.Unlike most books that teach individual skills in a controlled environment, these activities ask children to implement their new skills while they’re dysregulated, frustrated or stressed—making it easier to generalize these skills in the real world.Activities to help children:Follow directions & stay on taskProblem-solveAdvocate for themselvesManage their emotionsThink flexiblyCollaborate with othersPlus!Step-by-step directionsLesson plans and examplesChallenges to incorporate into each activityReflection sheetsCase examples


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