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Mindful/ Sensory Kit: Deluxe for Home, Office or Classroom


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The perfect Kit for any “Calm Down Corner”, “Time In Station”, “Sensory Space” or other “Safe Space”!  Help your clients or family members of any age try out different sensory, fidget and mindfulness techniques to best meet their needs to reduce anxiety, increase focus and productivity for school, therapy or at home! 

 *​Colors, shapes and other details may vary per kit.  Please note any preferences and we will do our best to match them, however specific requests are not guaranteed.*


-4 Liter Sealable box (great storage kit for your materials and can also double as a portable sand tray!): $19.95​

-Fidget visuals: (Multicultural with 3 steps for putty or stress balls, right handed or left handed boys, girls)- FREE  *If you prefer this in electronic version so you can include your own pictures, just ask!*

-Fortune Teller Fish x 4- $1.00  (Great, brief, mindfulness/ centering technique)

-Spiral Fidgets x 4- $1.00 (Small, discrete fidget)

​-Mini Sensory Spikey ball x 4- $1.00​ (Small, discrete fidget)

-Reading Highlight Strips x 4- $2.00 (Great for ADHD, Nystagmus to keep focus on reading material and reduce frustration with losing place in text.)

​-Sensory Spikey Ball Pencil Topper x 2- $1.00​ (Small, discrete fidget for in hand or on top of pencil)

-Nut and Bolt Fidget Pencil Toppers x 4- $2.00  (Small, discrete fidget for in hand or on top of pencil)

-Boink Tubes x 2 - $2.00  (Small, discrete fidget)

-Puffer Caterpillars x 1- $1.00 (Great fidget and sensory item)

-Smiley Stretch Ball x 1- $2.00 (Most highly requested stress ball for its’ unique texture)

-Stretch Centipede​ x 1- $2.00 (Great fidget and sensory item)

-Glitter Baton x 1- $2.00 (Perfect for sensory use, as a talking stick or restorative practice stick)

-Gratitude Journal x 1- $2.00 (Lined Notebook with FREE tips and hints for gratitude journaling topics)

-Mini Liquid Timer x 1- $3.00 (Great sensory, calming effects as well as practical use to be mindful of time)

-Sequins Pillow x 1- $2.00 (Great sensory, fidget item)

​​-Mini feelings poster (8 1/2 x 11, laminated)- $4.00​ ​(Perfect for nonverbal feeling expression)

-Fidget Cube x 1- $​4​.00 (Great fidget item)

-Fidget Spinner x 1- $​4​.00 (Great fidget item)

​-Tangle Junior Textured- $4.50​  (Great sensory, fidget item)

​-Mandala Coloring Book- $5.99​  (Coloring can be a very beneficial stress relief option)

​-24 pk. Crayola Colored Pencils- $5.49​

-Small Puffer Ball- $3(Great sensory, fidget item)

-Bandy Ball- $4.00  (Great sensory, fidget item)

-Crazy Aaron’s Scentsory Putty- $6.99(Great sensory, fidget item- can be divided into smaller pieces for individuals)

-​2 ​mini ziplocks to divide the putty into ​$.50

-Mindful Kids Card Deck- $14.99 (Easy to follow Mindfulness techniques in a card deck form with illustrations.)


$101.41 retail. Special- $84.99​  ($16.42 savings!!!)​


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