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Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child Poster Set


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A set of 60 posters (18″ × 12″) displaying the behavioral steps in each of the skills in the Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child program.

Group I Classroom Survival Skills
Asking for Help
Saying Thank You
Bringing Materials to Class
Following Instructions
Completing Assignments
Contributing to Discussions
Offering Help to an Adult
Asking a Question
Ignoring Distractions
Making Corrections
Deciding on Something to Do
Setting a Goal
Group II Friendship-Making Skills
Introducing Yourself
Beginning a Conversation
Ending a Conversation
Joining In
Playing a Game
Asking a Favor
Offering Help to a Classmate
Giving a Compliment
Accepting a Compliment
Suggesting an Activity
Group III Skills for Dealing with Feelings
Knowing Your Feelings
Expressing Your Feelings
Recognizing Another's Feelings
Showing Understanding of Another's Feelings
Expressing Concern for Another
Dealing with Your Anger
Dealing with Another's Anger
Expressing Affection
Dealing with Fear
Rewarding Yourself
Group IV Skill Alternatives to Aggression
Using Self-Control
Asking Permission
Responding to Teasing
Avoiding Trouble
Staying Out of Fights
Problem Solving
Accepting Consequences
Dealing with an Accusation
Group V Skills for Dealing with Stress
Dealing with Boredom
Deciding What Caused a Problem
Making a Complaint
Answering a Complaint
Dealing with Losing
Being a Good Sport
Dealing with Being Left Out
Dealing with Embarrassment
Reacting to Failure
Accepting No
Saying No
Dealing with Group Pressure
Dealing with Wanting Something That Isn't Yours
Making a Decision
Being Honest


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