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Breaking Through Mental Health Stereotypes and Stigma


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Ever been called a Snowflake for sharing how you’re feeling?
Labelled a ‘skiver’ for debilitating mental health problems?
Been told to man up and stop whining?

Despite discussion around mental health becoming more commonplace, still those who DO own their mental health struggles are labelled ‘Snowflakes’, ‘skivers’ or ‘crazy’ in some quarters. Stigma is still alive and well (and breeding).

In this engaging and insightful book, mental health advocate Lucy Nichol takes a deep dive into 10 of the most harmful mental health stereotypes. She examines where they come from and how they are fed, drawing heavily on the impact of social media, the press and popular culture. Expect a mountain of Twitter wars and way too many tabloid headlines.

With the help of experts in the field of mental health, personal stories and anecdotes from her own mental health journey Lucy makes a case for how we can dismantle stigma once and for all. She calls us to reclaim the slur 'Snowflake' as beautiful and unique. To stand up to the harmful rhetoric and to show strength in our vulnerability and honesty. And to keep building conversations around mental health.


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