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Social Context and Self-Management

A System for Clarifying Social Information for Adolescents and Adults


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Social Context and Self-Management: A System for Clarifying Social Information for Adolescents and Adults uses scales as a way of explaining social and emotional concepts to someone who might struggle with such information, but have a relative strength in understanding systems.

Using this approach can increase communication between someone with autism and their partner or support person. The goal of this easy-to-use book is to teach individuals, teams, or groups how and why to teach social information, as it relates to particular social environments and contexts.

The Incredible 5-Point Scale was developed to increase co-operation and mutual understanding through a concrete visual system. This strategy can help to increase social understanding and self-management skills, and the examples used in this book are related to common social situations and social misunderstandings often faced by young adults.

Foreword by Stephen Shore, EdD.


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