* Special Discount* ADHD Homeschool “Survival Kit”

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A few easy-to-use tools to help your child, student or client practice strategies for success when completing work and/ or tasks at home.  Great for those that are impulsive, easily distracted and struggling with executive functioning deficits in general!

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-Control your impulses spin and learn game: a fun way to practice impulse control._x000D_
– Mini Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Tin_x000D_
-Mini Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Bag Clip_x000D_
-Spiral fidget_x000D_
-Mini Feelings identification chart (great for nonverbal feeling identification)_x000D_
-Reading highlight strip (important for keeping their spot while reading to decrease frustration, feeling overwhelmed and enhance comprehension and fluency)_x000D_
-One minute sand timer (helps to ensure kids stay on task- works great to break components down into smaller, more manageable chunks)_x000D_
*Bonus: 3 step visual reminder on how to use fidgets as a tool, not a toy*_x000D_
Colors will vary- feel free to request specific colors. We will try our best to honor them however it may not always be possible._x000D_
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