Symbol Association Therapy Strategies Child ( SATS – C): Clinical Manual Workbook And Casebook – David Crenshaw And Stephen Baron

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This is a thoroughly revised edition of the original SATS-C Clinical Manual and Workbook as the application of this method to specific cases is presented. The SATS-C can be a powerful tool to encourage and facilitate the development of a therapeutic conversation with children ages 5-14 on a variety of meaningful topics. While children can be resistant to communicating with a therapist, it is often true that there are children who may lack the ability to engage on a variety of issues relevant to understanding their inner life. These children need strategies to jump start their ability to share their thoughts and feelings. By using common symbols recognizable to children this can greatly assist a child to share important information about their concerns, relationships and emotions in a safe, nonthreatening manner. This can help a therapist and child strengthen the therapeutic relationship while attempting to explore clinically sensitive material. As noted in the original book the SATS-C is predicated on the idea that symbols and images can indeed be more evocative than words.
Dimensions 8 × 11 in

Dimensions 8 × 11 in

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