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The Adventures of Sandi and Clammy Book and Puppet Set – Dora Henderson


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Sandi was a grumpy grain of sand living in a reef.Every day, she would watch fish and other animals swim and play around her.”If only I had spines or spikes, a shell or fins!” she groaned. “Then I would not be stuck on the ocean floor, alone and ugly!”  Then, one day, something unexpected happened and Sandi met someone who changed her life forever.  Children love interacting with the Clammy puppet while being read to. Clammy is a unique puppet as she has removable Sandi and Pearly puppet characters insider her mouth for added interactive fun. These handmade, hand painted puppets are unique and no two are alike.

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Improving a Grouchy attitude and Self-Esteem, Transitions in life, as well as making new friends.
Have you ever felt grouchy or grumpy? Sandi is a grain of sand who is in a bad mood and constantly compares herself to everyone in her life.  Through a stormy transition in her life, Sandi meets an unexpected friend. Sandi will learn how to see the positives around her, and gain a new perspective in both her attitude and life.
Learning to cope with Grief and Loss.
Have you ever experienced the grief and loss of a good friend or family member in your life? This book focuses on Clammy, who is introduced in the first story.  Clammy experiences the loss of her dear friend at the beginning of the book and takes the reader on her journey through learning how to cope with her feelings in a healthy way.


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