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The Fabulous Fight or Flight Stress System for Little Sprockets


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The Fabulous Fight or Flight Stress System ~ for Little Sprockets is an innovate rhyming resource to help children understand how their brain functions, providing a rich, developmentally appropriate, & engaging discussion of our stress response system through using animal metaphors. Through nature and animals, this book provides child-friendly embodied movement & trauma-sensitive yoga activities to help children up- & down-regulate, while connecting with others. The illustrations provide visual reinforcement of the animal and nature metaphors, while providing a calm, peaceful, & regulating background to the information provided. The reader can use the imagery to facilitate discussions, connecting right-brain imagery with left-brain language, providing access to metacognitive functioning in a playful way.

This book provides helpful prompts & scripts to explore neuroscience, our stress responses, embodied play, movement, breath, & yoga. It is important to note that these metaphors and activities can be woven into stressful situations with a child, by following their lead, in a non-scripted & non-coercive manner. The use of playful, trauma-informed invitational language eliciting exploration, curiosity, mastery, non-coercion, & choice is empirically grounded, cultivating a felt sense of safety within the movements & shapes. Based on the needs & directives of the individual child, be sure to review & discuss potential risks or limitations of movement activities before beginning, as not every movement or shape is appropriate for every individual child or adult.

It is my hope that this book will become a valuable resource for you!


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