The Invisible Front: Love and Loss in an Era of Endless War Author- Yochi Dreazen *Kevin’s Song BOTM June 2021*

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*Kevin’s Song June 2021 Book of the Month*  The unforgettable story of a military family that lost two sons–one to suicide and one in combat–and channeled its grief into fighting the armed forces’ suicide epidemic.

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Major General Mark Graham was a decorated two-star officer whose integrity inspired his sons, Jeff and Kevin, to pursue military careers of their own. But when Kevin and Jeff died within nine months of each other–Kevin committed suicide and Jeff was killed in Iraq–Mark and his wife, Carol, were astonished by the drastically different responses their sons’ deaths received from the army. While Jeff was lauded as a hero, Kevin’s death met with silence, evidence of the terrible stigma that surrounds mental illness in the military. The Invisible Front is the story of one family’s quest to transform the institution that was the cornerstone of their lives, finding purpose in unimaginable loss. Yochi Dreazen, an award-winning journalist, has been granted remarkable access to the Grahams and sets their fight against the backdrop of the military’s ongoing suicide spike. Told with great sympathy and profound insight, The Invisible Front details America’s problematic treatment of those who return from tours of duty far different from when they’d left, and offers us a new way to understand the human cost of war and its lingering effects off the battlefield.



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