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The Living Legacy of Trauma Flip Chart

A Psychoeducational In-Session Tool for Clients and Therapists


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Help your clients make sense of their most puzzling and shameful trauma symptoms with the innovative use of simple diagrams and explanations found in The Living Legacy of Trauma Flip Chart.

Traumatized individuals often have trouble processing words and information, but visual images draw their attention, allow them to better understand their symptoms or struggles, and help them to engage more easily in treatment. Created by Janina Fisher, PhD, this flip chart makes psychoeducation a relational experience in which the client can feel understood and supported. It presents scientific information in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner that builds trust, even in the early stages of therapy, and allows trauma survivors to feel more empowered rather than victimized by their symptoms. Your clients will thank you for using it!

Intended for interactive use in sessions, this simple, user-friendly format includes:

  • 21 full-color diagrams on client-facing pages
  • Explanations and key points on each corresponding therapist-facing page, making the concepts easy to teach
  • Whiteboard client pages for easy markup and reuse

Topics covered include:

  • Common symptoms of trauma
  • The triune brain
  • How trauma memories are remembered or forgotten
  • Effects of trauma on the brain and body
  • Nervous system dysregulation
  • Window of tolerance
  • Traumatic attachment
  • Addictions and trauma
  • Dissociative phenomena
  • Stages of treatment


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