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The Nice Girl Syndrome



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A noted therapist helps women overcome the pressure to please and begin living life on their own terms Engel’s new book tackles the “nice girl syndrome” for women who have been raised to please those in their lives – at home and at the workplace.

In this breakthrough guide, renowned author and therapist Beverly Engel, who has helped thousands of women recognize and leave emotionally abusive relationships, can show you how to take control of your life and take care of yourself. Engel explains that "nice girls" are much more likely to be victimized than those who are not so "nice." Identify which of the seven different types of Nice Girls applies to you and determine whether the Nice Girl Syndrome is keeping you in an abusive relationship or in manipulative situations. Challenge and change the beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back. Includes inspiring stories of women Engel has worked with who have found the courage and strength to stop taking abuse and start standing up for themselves. Through wise advice, powerful exercises, and practical prescriptions, this book will empower any woman.


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