The Self-Esteem Guided Journal: A 10 Week Program – Matthew McKay Catharine Sutker

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The Self-Esteem Guided Journal offers you a ten-week program of writing exercises that will help you shift your focus from the things wrong with your life to the things that are right.

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The book begins with a week of journaling about non-judgment regarding everything from people in the news to your own behavior. Weeks two and three guide you to discover your strengths and redefine your weaknesses. The exercises in weeks five and six help you review your past to see how formative events have affected your self-esteem. Week seven focuses on the impact of thoughts, while week eight works to help you learn how to hold to your own truths and stand up for yourself. In week nine, you’ll directly explore your experiences with your own self-esteem Achilles heel, and finally, week ten helps you create daily opportunities to experience your personal worth and serves as a launching pad for future journaling activities.
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Self Esteem

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