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The Sudden Loss Survival Guide

7 Essential Practices for Healing Grief


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Healing after loss. When a loved one passes unexpectedly, the person left behind can lose their bearings. After the sudden death of her mother, Chelsea Hanson, a nationally-recognized grief educator and founder of With Sympathy Gifts and Keepsakes, didn’t know where to turn for help, what to do next, or how to put the pieces of her life back together. Hanson’s The Sudden Loss Survival Guide gathers everything that she learned during her own recovery process and provides
an indispensable road map to aid those who’ve experienced a life-changing loss.

Restore Your Spirit after Sudden Loss
“The Sudden Loss Survival Guide is a must-read guidebook for everyone who has experienced an
unexpected loss of any kind in their life.” – The Grief Reiki
A proactive, intentional approach. While you cannot control losing a loved one, you can
consciously guide your own recovery. Through the application of simple, proactive practices, The
Sudden Loss Survival Guide will empower you to overcome the darkness and anxiety of grief.
Action-based tools. The Sudden Loss Survival Guide includes heart-lifting prompts and action
steps that guide you towards reengaging in life and discovering deeper meaning. Through Hanson's
grief healing practices, this book delivers the essential answers and tools needed to survive, cope,
and heal from the devastating impact of sudden loss.
The Sudden Loss Survival Guide is a distinctive grief recovery handbook. In this book, discover:
 Seven practices for healing, including creative memorialization and maintaining an
ongoing spiritual connection
 Skimmable, stand-alone passages with immediate, usable information for the trauma
you’re facing
 A transformative method for living a meaningful, fulfilling life in remembrance of your loved

Readers of grief books like Your Grief, Your Way, I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye, or Grief
Day By Day will learn how to live again with the help of The Sudden Loss Survival Guide.

Paperback – May 19, 2020

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