The Understanding Faces Game

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This game is designed to introduce children to several aspects of understanding facial expressions, including two key concepts: 1) Different facial expressions are associated with different feelings. 2) Different people may have different facial reactions to the same situation.

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  •  Great tool for children with Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Help children practice understanding facial expressions
  • For 3-6 players
  • Ages: 6-12

Game comes with 50 colorful pictures of children with different facial expressions. Players pick a Face Card and try to match the expression closest to the feeling. Correct answers advance the player. Prompts encourage kids to do fun stunts and make faces to express a variety of emotions. Great for kids with Asperger’s syndrome or those who have difficulty with reading emotions.


60 Face cards (2 of each expression)

48 Situation cards

2 dice

6 pawns

100 Chips

2 write-on/wipe-off slates (for use with the two-player version of this game)


Autism Spectrum Disorder
Games and Interactive Activities


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