The Upside Down Divorce Board Game

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Teach children new coping skills
Challenge players to find creative solutions to problems
For 2-4 players
Ages: 6-12
Players will learn to develop new coping skills to help them deal with the common problems that occur after a separation or divorce. As players go around the colorful board they flip their playing pieces upside down. To turn them right side up, they have to learn new coping and communication skills. Children are also challenged to think of creative ways to solve the problems that typically come with divorce and to express positive feelings about themselves and their future.

Contents: Game Board 6 Pawns12 StandsDieInstructions24 Question Cards (help children express their feelings about the divorce.) 24 Idea Cards (help children become more self-reliant.) 24 Upside Down Cards (help children learn and practice new problem-solving and coping skills related to divorce.)


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