Totem Zen


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A great game for coordination, dexterity, focus and balance.  Players must grab the beads showing on the cards but using chopsticks! They must then carefully build their tower without knocking it over. Be quick and nimble, but make sure its correctly put together.

The box filled with wooden beads is placed on the center of the table. A challenge card is taken which indicates the totem to be realized with the beads. As quick as possible and all together, the players rush forwards to pick the beads using their wands! Once all the pieces are recovered, they hurry to build the totem with their hands. The first player who is successful wins the card and records his score. At 20 points the game is won!
Material: Wooden
Maximum Players
4 Player
Play Time: 15 minutes
Recommended Age: 6 Years


Click here for a Totem Zen Tutorial in Spanish