Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Rethinking Sex Addiction (1ST ed.)- Braun-Harvey, Douglas, Vigorito, Michael A


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Key Features:

Presents a much-needed sexual health alternative to conventional thinking about assessing and treating OCSB
Posits OCSB as a sexual health behavior problem rather than a process addiction or psychosexual disorder
Promotes sexual health principles as the framework to envision and guide men’s sexual behavior change
Includes a practical, step-by-step pathway model to assess and treat OCSB
Organizes a wide range of best-practice clinical interventions for individual and group psychotherapy
Includes composite case examples demonstrating successful treatment outcomes
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Out of control sexual behavior ñ referred to variously as "sex addiction", "sexual compulsivity", and "hypersexuality", among other terms, has been a controversial and attention-getting issue since it first captured both public and professional attention over 30 years ago. Previous discussions of this behavior have been grounded in conceptualizing it as a pathologized, medical issue on par with substance abuse addictions, or, in backlash, as simply irresponsible behavior indicating weakness in the individual.

In keeping with the call from many leaders in the mental health and sexual health areas to move beyond these two polarized conceptualizations of these sexual behavior problems, the authors present a model for working with clients in both group and individual treatment set...