Untether: Inspiration for Living Free and Strong No Matter What the Challenge- Mestdagh, Jt



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UNTETHER tells a story of courage, determination, and overcoming. Young or not-so-young, you will come away with a renewed sense of hope and possibility. Learn that you are not a mistake; you are created for something amazing. After all, if an ailing toddler who practically lived in a hospital can now climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, if a boy who couldn’t read or write can now publish his memoir, you too have no limits to what you can accomplish!

UNTETHER is the story of JT Mestdagh, a young man born with a death sentence and who is now an entrepreneur and adventurer on a mission to empower people to UNTETHER from limiting beliefs and to soar to their highest dreams._x000D_
Proceeds of book sales go to the JT Mestdagh Foundation, which Mestdagh launched to support people facing challenges, whether it be disease, disability, disappointment, or dyslexia. An extreme skier, experienced mountaineer, and boater, Mestdagh divides his time between Michigan and Colorado._x000D_
Diagnosed with a life-threatening syndrome called VATER/VACTERL, Mestdagh endured 250 days in hospitals before age 3 and 16 major surgeries before age 16. As soon as doctors discovered one condition and treated it, a new and worse one would pop up. On top of that, Mestdagh has such severe dyslexia and short-term memory loss that his school told him in fourth grade that he would be illiterate for life._x000D_
Infused with drama and humor, UNTETHER will pull you through the relentless suffering into light-filled breakthroughs--because Mestdagh and his family stood strong in their faith and never, never, never gave up._x000D_
Along with years of medical treatments and nonstop home care, his parents relentlessly hunted for the right program to help Mestdagh learn to read. Nothing worked until in fifth grade a God-arranged encounter with a unique system called Tattum Reading changed Mestdagh's life forever.

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