What to Do When You Don’t Want to Be Apart: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Separation Anxiety- Kristen Lavallee, Silvia Schneider



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What to Do When You Don't Want to Be Apart guides children and their parents through the emotions underlying separation anxiety using strategies and techniques based on cognitive-behavioral principles. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering children to overcome separation anxiety--so they can become the confident pilots of their very own hot air balloons!

Includes an Introduction to Parents and Caregivers.

This book is part of the Magination Press What-to-Do Guides for Kids(R) series and includes an "Introduction to Parents and Caregivers." What-to-Guides for Kids(R) are interactive self-help books designed to guide 6-12 year olds and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques most often used in the treatment of various psychological concerns. Engaging, encouraging, and easy to follow, these books educate, motivate, and empower children to work towards change.
Target Age Group: 06 to 10
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