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Who Has What?: All about Girls’ Bodies and Boys’ Bodies ( Let’s Talk about You and Me )- Robie Harris



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A basic and straightforward anatomy lesson for young children! It compares the basic anatomy of boys and girls in a simple entertaining way, outlining how they are different and how they are similar. It also humorously compares male and female dogs.

A simple story following Nellie and Gus on a family outing to the beach. Humorous illustrations, conversations between the siblings, and a clear text all reassure young kids that whether they have a girl's body or a boy's, their bodies are perfectly normal, healthy, and wonderful. Authoring the series is Robie H. Harris, whose nonfiction books are known as the source for addressing kids' questions about themselves, their families, and their friends. Nadine Bernard Westcott's accurate and entertaining illustrations offer an inviting way for children to discover straightforward, fascinating information about themselves.
Candlewick Press, Ingram, Penguin


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