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Why Are You So Sad?

A Child's Book About Parental Depression
Author: Beth Andrews


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When a parent has depression, children often feel sad and confused themselves. This interactive book can help by:

  • Explaining depression and its treatment in kid terms
  • Reassuring children that their parents can get better
  • Exploring the many feelings children usually have
  • Helping children understand and express their feelings
  • Providing practical tips for coping with a parent’s depression
  • Showing children how they can feel better too

Why Are You So Sad? contains a comprehensive and authoritative note to parents by therapists from the disciplines of clinical social work and clinical psychology.

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Defines depression, identifies depression treatments, and provides many self-help options for those coping with a depressed parent. Includes a note to parents and spaces for writing questions or drawing to help express emotions and concerns.
A Child's Book About Parental Depression - Beth Andrews
Magination Press