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You Are Friendly Paperback – Todd Snow


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You Are Friendlyguides children to create healthy, positive relationships with others and invites them to see themselves and say “I can do that!”. This book is part of the paperback series that includes You Are Healthy, You Are Helpful,and You Are Brave.

Children want to make friends and be friendly. This affirming book from Maren Green Publishing lets children know they have real skills and competencies and helps them build important social skills. Sharing, saying "please" and "thank you," inviting others to join in and play, treating people and animals kindly, and offering to help are all ways to win friends.

You Are Friendlyis written in simple words and is vividly illustrated with scenes from daily life. Children are drawn into the colorful pictures that show kids their age at home, at play, at school, and with family members. Like our world, the illustrations are multiethnic.



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