101 Relaxation Games for Children


The games in this book help refocus children’s attention while giving them a break. Most are quite short and can be played with a group or with individuals. Some are outdoor games. Clear instructions are provided for each game.


The games in this book help teachers, parents, and others who work with children maintain or restore order, refocus children’s attention, and break up the classroom routine. Most of the games are quite short and can be used between academic activities as a treat or quick break. Many are noncompetitive, most don’t require props, and none require special skills or training. All can be played with the whole class; there are partner games, small group games, and outdoor games. Clear, complete instructions are included for each activity, and icons denote appropriate age levels, time, and group size. Author Allison Bartl has tested all of the games herself and recommends that the teacher or parent fully participate in each game, both to relax and to provide a model of good social behavior.

Ages: 7 & Up

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