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35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

Author(s) : The Dougy Center

Paperback, 55 pages.

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The Dougy Center has worked with thousands of grieving children and teens since 1982. In this book 35 tools are outlined for helping grieving children work through their loss. A reading list for children and and professionals is included. Books in the series hone in on specific populations.

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Product Description

If you know a who has experienced the death of a mother, father, caregiver, sister, brother or friend, you may have wondered how you can help. The thousands of grieving children and teens at The Dougy Center have taught us a lot about what does and doesn’t help them. We also hear from many caring parents, teachers, and adult caregivers who want to support children who are grieving but aren’t sure how to go about. In response to that concern, we’ve gathered together the most important stuff we’ve learned from kids, and the result is this guidebook. The information in these pages is simple and practical and is drawn from the stories of children and teenagers who have been on the front lines of grief. The guidebook addresses how to include children in decision making, what to expect from different ages of grieving children, and how to provide safe outlets for children to express emotion.


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