A Smart Girl’s Guide Drama, Rumors & Secrets


Gossip and rumors. Trading in secrets. Who’s popular, who’s not. Exclusion. Mean girls and queen girls. Group pressure. Cyberbullying. How can a girl deal with all the drama? And how can she rise above it? This book is full of tips, quizzes, advice from real girls, and solid smarts to help you keep your head and heart during tough times – and put your best self forward.


The issue of “drama”—everything from jealousy to gossip to cyber-bullying is a top concern for girls ages 10 and up. This book offers young readers expert insight into why drama exists, how it starts, what keeps it going, and how they can cool it down. Readers will find quotes and advice from real girls who’ve been there, plus tips and quizzes to help them rise above the fray and keep safe.

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