Adopting a Child with a Trauma and Attachment Disruption History


This booklet is a fact-filled resource for adoptive parents who have a child with trauma and attachment disruption experiences. Fraser provides tips and strategies that can be considered before placement as well as days, weeks, and months after your child joins your family.


Teresa Fraser has compiled an informative booklet that should be provided to every parent or prospective parent of a child who has experienced trauma or neglect. Anyone who has contact with these children will benefit as well. It’s very clear that the author has “walked the talk.” Practical suggestions are offered throughout the text. Fraser explains the importance of laying the foundation for building a relationship during the “honeymoon Phase.” The reader is reminded that rules, structure, and routines are essential for children to feel safe. Some of the questions Fraser suggests parents consider before a new child joins the family are “What rules, routines, & structure are non-negotiable?” “Who & what are our support systems? & “Are we prepared to be emotionally rejected by the child?” Caveats about kids & social networking are addressed. The author reassures parents they are not alone and offers them hope.

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