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Native to the swamps, lagoons, and marshes of the southern United States, Mexico, and Central America, the Anhinga, also known as the snakebird and American darter, is a bird that hunts freshwater fish by spearing them with its slender, needle-like beak.


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  • Scientific Name: Anhinga anhinga
  • Characteristics: The wingspan of adult anhingas can reach up to four feet, so make sure you give this one some room! Crafted with nature enthusiasts in mind, all Safari figurines are beautifully hand painted with exceptional life-like accuracy.
  • Size and Color: Male anhingas have greenish-black plumage alongside silver feathers on their wings and backs, whereas females have brown feathers with a light tan shade on their necks and heads. Standing 3.3 inches tall and 3 inches wide, this model is a bit larger than a deck of cards stood on its side.